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Author: Kaj Kandler

Kaj Kandler is our Chief Screencast Officer (CSO) here at Plan-B for and Plan-B for LibreOffice.

Kaj has authored over 1,000+ video tutorials, we call them . Kaj works on the videos from conception through capturing the video through editing the captions and the timing, to creating the pages that present the screencast. Kaj is also the sole author of the glosary for OpenOffice and related terms.

About Myself

I love computers and software in particular and I love to help people to do cool things (and the simple things) with their software. My vision is software documentation that is video based and web based. Video based, because it is much easier to follow a moving mouse then it is to follow 10 bullet points of instructions. And web based help connects to a community of like minded users.

Besides working on Plan-B I blog at You can find me on the interwebs at Kaj Kandler@Google+™ is a registered trademark of Oracle.
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