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Welcome to Plan-B for has become the second most popular Office Suite in the world. This website provides online help and support for in the form of Plan-B screencasts. We think of this website as software documentation for the rest of us. You find that we provide help to specific functions, equivalent to F1-Help in the application. However, our help topics are supported by , short recordings of the software in action.

The screencasts are complemented by a glossary of important terms used in productivity software and in specifically. The website is also supported by a smart search engine that knows about popular language used by end-users and finds the right topics even if it does not match the language used in the documentation.

In addition we provide tutorials to master specific use cases with

In order to view the screencasts you will need a Java™ enabled web-browser. If your browser does not have the Java™ plug-in installed, you will be prompted for installing it.
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While in beta this service will be free of charge for personal use. However, don't expect it to stay that way. If you love or hate this service please give us feedback on what is helpful and what is not. We really want to hear from you.

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