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Step 1: Screencast = Short Video

Plan-B for uses screencasts to document the application. 70% of people have a preference for visual stimulus to learn a subject matter. This means that presenting learning content visually is the optimal way to understand and remember the subject. This is especially true, if the subject is a software application and its visual user interface. sample page with screencast of OOo Impress

On the right you see a page with a screencast of Impress. A screencast is a recording of the application in action, complete with movements of the mouse. The screencast is annotated with callout bubbles, to focus your attention to the current activity or the resulting change in the application.

Screencasts are like an expert user that demonstrates the help topic live. The difference to a human expert is that you can repeat it as often as you want, just refresh your browser window (i.e. press the "F5-key").

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