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OpenOffice Tutorial: Create a form using the form wizard

How-To: OpenOffice Tutorial: Create a form using the form wizard
  1. To start creating a form using the wizard, first click on the "Forms" icon here.
  2. Next, on the tasks area click here on the "Use Wizard to Create Form..." option.
  3. Once you've clicked on the option, two windows will open. The first one will be Writer.
  4. While the second one should be the form wizard.
  5. The first step in the form wizard is choosing the fields. You can choose fields from the tables in your database by clicking here on this down arrow and choosing the table you want.
  6. Once you have chosen, you should see the available fields here. To choose a field for the form, simply click on that field and then...
  7. on this right arrow to include this field in the form.
  8. You also have the option to include all available fields into the form by clicking on this "double right arrow."
  9. Good. All the available fields have been included in the form.
  10. Now, just click next to continue.
  11. Next, you will be asked if you want to set up a subform. Subforms are forms inside other forms that show data from interrelated tables or queries.
  12. Since our goal here is to make a simple form we are skipping this step and clicking on "Next."
  13. Afterwards, you will be asked to arrange the controls on your form.
  14. You should see graphical representations of the different style arrangements of the controls here.
  15. Just click once on the arrangement you like.
  16. Notice that Writer on the background has slowly changed to match the choices you have been making.
  17. Afterwards, click on "Next."
  18. Then, you will be asked to select a data entry mode.
  19. You can choose if you want this form to be for entering data only or...
  20. can also choose if you want this form to display all data. Just click once on the choice you want.
  21. Below this last option, you still have extra choices which limits the modification, deletion and addition of data. Just click on their checkboxes to enable these options.
  22. Afterwards, click "Next" to continue.
  23. Now, you are asked to apply a style to the form.
  24. You should see a list of styles here. Just click on the style you want.
  25. You should see the preview of the style in Writer here in the background.
  26. Once done, click on "Next."
  27. Lastly, you'll be asked to name the form. Just click here on this field and type in the name you want.
  28. Below, you can choose how to proceed after creating the form.
  29. Choose if you want to work with the form, or if you want to modify it more. Just click on the choice you want.
  30. Then, just click on "Finish."
  31. Great! We have finished creating the form.
  32. You should see the finished form in the Writer window.


Show OpenOffice Tutorial: Create a form using the form wizard

Create a form using the form wizard

This screencast demonstrates how to create a form using the form You learn:

  • How to access the
  • How to add to the form.
  • How to apply control arrangements, styles and labels in the form.
  • How to create a form and view it.

Advanced topics

For advanced functionality with similar results see:

  • Group form elements (Coming Soon)
  • Ungroup form elements (Coming Soon)
  • Edit an existing form (Coming Soon)
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