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OpenOffice Tutorial: Edit a form

How-To: OpenOffice Tutorial: Edit a form
  1. To edit a form, first make sure you are in the forms area by clicking on the "Forms" icon.
  2. Afterwards, you should see the list of available forms here.
  3. Now, move your mouse over the name of the form you want to edit and then right-click on it.
  4. Next, on the menu that opens click on "Edit."
  5. Afterwards, the Writer window should open containing the form.
  6. Now, the form is ready to be edited. First off, you can move a field, along with its label by first clicking and holding the left mouse button over them.
  7. Then move the mouse to drag them to a new location. Notice that a ghost of the field appears to guide you in moving.
  8. Once you are over the position you want, release the mouse button to place the field in that location.
  9. Good! This field has been moved.
  10. You can repeat this process for other fields or elements.
  11. Next, it is possible also to resize a field. To do this, once a field is selected move your mouse over one of these adjustment boxes and click and hold the left mouse button.
  12. Afterwards, move the mouse. You should see a ghost of the resized field to guide you in resizing.
  13. Just release the mouse button once you are satisfied with the size. Good! We have resized this field.
  14. Now, you can also drag fields to a location outside the viewing area.
  15. To do this, first drag the field as usual by clicking and holding the left mouse button over it.
  16. Next, move the mouse towards the general area where you want the field to move even though you can't see it at the edge of the viewing area.
  17. As you move it, you should notice that the viewing area scrolls automatically to follow your movement.
  18. Afterwards, release the button again to place the field.
  19. Now, just repeat the process of resizing and moving fields until the form looks the way you want.
  20. Great! We have finished editing this form.
  21. Next, save the changes you've made by clicking here on this diskette icon in the toolbar. This is the save button.
  22. Once it is saved, close the Writer window clicking on this "X" icon.
  23. Congratulations! You have learned how to edit forms.


Show OpenOffice Tutorial: Edit a form

Edit a form

This screencast demonstrates how to edit a You learn:

  • How to open a form for editing.
  • How to move and form elements.
  • How to resize fields and form elements.
  • Hot to save the changes made to a form.

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