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OpenOffice Tutorial: Start a new database

How-To: OpenOffice Tutorial: Start a new database
  1. To start creating a new database, first click here on "File."
  2. Next, on the menu that opens move your mouse over the option "New."
  3. Then, a side menu should appear. Find the "Database" option and click on it once.
  4. The Database Wizard should open.
  5. Now, look for the "Create a new database" option and click on it once.
  6. Afterwards, click on "Next"
  7. Now, before saving the new database, you can choose if you want to register it. Doing so will make your database appear in the data sources view.
  8. Just click on the choice you want.
  9. Also, you have the choice if you want to open the database immediately for editing as well as to activate the table wizard after saving.
  10. Just click on the checkboxes of your desired options.
  11. Once you are satisfied, click on "Finish"
  12. Next, you will automatically be asked to save the new database.
  13. First, look for the location you want to put your database in and navigate to it.
  14. Next, click here on the filename field and type in the name you want for the database.
  15. Afterwards, just click on "Save."
  16. Great! You are now ready to start creating a database.


Show OpenOffice Tutorial: Start a new database

Start a new database

This screencast demonstrates how to start a new You learn:

  • How to access the Database
  • How to register the database within as a data source.
  • How to save the database with a before opening it.
  • How to create a new database.

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