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OpenOffice Tutorial: Insert a field in a table

How-To: OpenOffice Tutorial: Insert a field in a table
  1. To insert a field within a table, first go to the tables list and right click on the name of the table you want to edit.
  2. Then, on the menu that opens click on the option "Edit."
  3. The table design view should open.
  4. To start inserting a new field, move your mouse to the left of any field name and right click on the blank area there. Don't worry about the position since this will not matter later.
  5. Next, on the menu that opens, click on the option "Insert Rows"
  6. Automatically the new row you've inserted will appear at the bottom of the fields. Now, type in the name you want for the field here.
  7. Next, if it is needed, change the new field's type here by clicking on it and then choosing a type from its drop down menu.
  8. Great, our new field "Address 2" is ready. The next step would be to re-order the fields so that our newest field is inserted below the field "Address."
  9. To do this, we shall "cut" some fields and paste them below "Address 2" to get the order we want.
  10. Start cutting cells by clicking and holding the left mouse button over the blank area to the left of the first field name that must be cut.
  11. Then, while still holding the button, move the mouse through the other fields that need to be cut.
  12. Once they are all selected, release the mouse button and right click over the fields. On the menu that opens click on the option "Cut."
  13. Good. The field "Address 2" has now moved up on the field list.
  14. Now, paste back the fields we've cut by right clicking below the "Address 2" field and selecting the option "Paste" on the menu that opens.
  15. Great! We have re-ordered the fields. Note that "Address 2" is now located here.
  16. Next, just click on this diskette icon to save your changes.
  17. Now, sometimes warning messages appear when doing changes to your table. Though at times there are problems with the settings, other times its the inevitable bug.
  18. In this warning message, one element of the table can't be changed and must be recreated. Just click yes to execute the recommended action indicated and save the table.
  19. Notice that the City field name has dropped down because of the bug we encountered. Please remember that in most cases the order of the fields are irrelevant to the database unless otherwise specified.
  20. Since in this example our only concern was to insert the "Address 2" field, we shall leave the movement of the city field as it is.
  21. Now, click on this "X" icon to close the table design view.
  22. Congratulations! You have learned how to insert fields within a table.


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Insert a field in a table

This screencast demonstrates how to insert a in a table. You learn:

  • How to go to the of a table.
  • How to add a new field.
  • How to cut and paste fields.
  • How to save the changes made to a

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