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OpenOffice Tutorial: Enter formula in cell

How-To: OpenOffice Tutorial: Enter formula in cell
  1. To enter a formula into a cell, first double click on it.
  2. Now in calc, like in other spreadsheets, formulas always start with the equal (=) sign. Type this in first.
  3. For this example we are doing a simple addition or sum formula.
  4. To do this, we must add items to the formula. Just click once on a cell with the value that you want to add.
  5. Good! Note that the cell's borders have a red outline indicating that the cell's values will be included in the formula.
  6. Also note that the cell's reference "F2" has been automatically typed in.
  7. Now, to perform the addition type in the "plus" (+) sign after the first item.
  8. Repeat the process for the other items you want in the formula. Just click on the next cell with the value.
  9. Then type in the plus sign...
  10. then click on the next cell...
  11. Now, Just go through the process again until all the items you need are in the formula.
  12. Afterwards, once you have inputted all the cell values needed for the formula. just press enter.
  13. Great! The addition has been done. Note that the sum of the process has appeared where we put the formula in.
  14. Also take note that when you click on the cell, the formula appears here on the formula bar.
  15. Congratulations! You have learned how to enter formulas in cells.


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Enter formula in cell

This screencast demonstrates how to enter a formula in a You learn:

  • How to start a formula as content of a cell.
  • How to enter a
  • How to select cell references for the formula.
  • How to calculate the value of the formula.

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