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OpenOffice Tutorial: Copy a spreadsheet

How-To: OpenOffice Tutorial: Copy a spreadsheet
  1. To copy a sheet, first move your mouse over that sheet's tab like this.
  2. Next, right click on it.
  3. Then, on the menu that opens click on "Move/Copy Sheet..."
  4. The move/copy window should appear. In the "Insert before" options you will see a list of the sheets that are currently available in order.
  5. Choose the sheet where our copied sheet should appear before to. For this example we want it to appear before sheet2. Just click on it once.
  6. Next, click on this checkbox to let Calc know that we want to copy the sheet not move it.
  7. Afterwards just click on OK.
  8. Great! Notice that the sheet has now been copied before sheet 2 and has been named "Expenses 2"
  9. Now, if we look at the original sheet, you will see that indeed they are copies of each other.
  10. Great! You have learned how to copy sheets.


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Copy a spreadsheet

This screencast demonstrates how to copy a You learn:

  • How to access the Move/Copy window.
  • How to copy a spreadsheet.

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