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OpenOffice Tutorial: Delete name reference

How-To: OpenOffice Tutorial: Delete name reference
  1. To delete a name reference, first click on the cell that needs its name reference removed.
  2. Once selected you should see the cell's name reference here at the name box.
  3. Now, click here on "Insert."
  4. Then on the menu that opens, move your mouse over "Names."
  5. A side menu should appear. Click on the "Define" option.
  6. The define names window should appear.
  7. You should see the name references here. Click on the one you want to delete.
  8. Afterwards, just click on delete.
  9. Now, If a confirmation window appears, just click on "Yes."
  10. Good! As you can see the list is now empty.
  11. Then, just click on OK.
  12. Great! Now if we click again on the cell...
  13. will see that the cell's default name is now being used by looking at the name box.
  14. Congratulations! You have learned how to delete name references.


Show OpenOffice Tutorial: Delete name reference

Delete name reference

This screencast demonstrates how to delete name reference. You learn:

  • How to select
  • How to access the Define Names window.
  • How to delete the of a cell.

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