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OpenOffice Tutorial: Export spreadsheet as PDF

How-To: OpenOffice Tutorial: Export spreadsheet as PDF
  1. To export your spreadsheet as a PDF or in a Portable Document Format, first click here on "File."
  2. Next, In the menu that opens click on "Export as PDF."
  3. The export window appears.
  4. Now, click on this field, and then type in the filename you want for your PDF.
  5. Afterwards, click on save.
  6. A window should appear giving you extra options in saving your PDF. Just click on "Export".
  7. Now, if we look at the file we made, you will see that it has now been exported as a PDF file.
  8. And if we open the file...
  9. will see that the content of the spreadsheet is present.
  10. Great! You have learned how to export spreadsheets as PDF files.


Show OpenOffice Tutorial: Export spreadsheet as PDF

Export spreadsheet as PDF

This screencast demonstrates how to export spreadsheet as a file. You learn:

  • How to find export as PDF menu.
  • How to access the export PDF options.
  • How to export the spreadsheet as PDF.

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