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OpenOffice Tutorial: Insert an area chart

How-To: OpenOffice Tutorial: Insert an area chart
  1. To insert an area chart, first you must select the cells with the data for it.
  2. To do this, first click and hold the left-mouse button over one end of the cells.
  3. Next, while holding the button move your mouse through the other cells you need selected.
  4. Once you have selected all you need, release the mouse button.
  5. Now, click here on "Insert."
  6. Then, look for the "Chart..." option and click on it once.
  7. The AutoFormat Chart window should open.
  8. Notice that the cell range you have selected has appeared here. You can still edit this if you think you've made a mistake in selecting. Otherwise leave it be.
  9. Also notice that you have the option to set the first row and column to appear as labels in the chart. Just click the checkboxes here if you want this to happen.
  10. Once you're done click on "Next."
  11. Now, here you can choose the type of chart you want to create.
  12. For this example we want to create an area chart. Just click on "Areas."
  13. You should see a preview of your chart here.
  14. Next, choose how the data series was arranged in the worksheet. This is important since the chart will appear wrong if this is not set correctly.
  15. Since our data is arranged in a row, we are clicking on the "Rows" option here.
  16. Note, that the preview now seems to display the correct chart we want.
  17. Once done, click on "Next"
  18. Then, on this next step, choose from the different variants of area charts.
  19. You can choose from Normal, Stacked and Percent variants. Just click on the choice you want.
  20. Afterwards, click next to continue.
  21. Next, choose what else to display along with the chart itself. Just click on the checkboxes for the option you want.
  22. Usually you would want a chart title. Just click on this field and type in the title for your chart here.
  23. Once done, just click here on "Create."
  24. Great! We have made an Area chart.


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Insert an area chart

This screencast demonstrates how to insert an You learn:

  • How to select
  • How to create an area chart using the chart feature.
  • How to insert the area chart to the worksheet.

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