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OpenOffice Tutorial: Insert a pie chart

How-To: OpenOffice Tutorial: Insert a pie chart
  1. The first step in making a pie chart is selecting the data for the chart.
  2. Do this by clicking and holding the left mouse button on one end of the cells.
  3. Then, while holding the button, move your mouse through the other cells that need to be selected.
  4. Once all the cells you need are selected, release the mouse button.
  5. Next, click here on "Insert"
  6. Then, on the menu that opens click on the option "Chart..."
  7. Good! The AutoFormat Chart window should appear.
  8. Notice that the cell range you have selected has appeared here. You can still edit this if you think you've made a mistake in selecting. Otherwise leave it be.
  9. Next, you can specify where the chart will be placed by selecting a worksheet here. Just click on this down arrow to see a list of worksheets.
  10. In this example we want the chart to appear in the "Expenses" worksheet so we are clicking on it here.
  11. Once finished click on "Next"
  12. Now, on this next step, first choose how the data series was arranged in the worksheet. This is important since the chart will appear wrong if this is not set correctly.
  13. This preview window should guide you if the setting is correct for the kind of chart you want.
  14. For our pie chart to appear correctly we have clicked on the option "Rows"
  15. Great! Now, you can choose which chart type you want. To make a pie chart click on the pie icon here.
  16. As you can see on the preview window, using the data series in rows makes the pie chart appear correctly.
  17. Just click on "Next" to continue.
  18. Now, here you can choose from several pie chart variants.
  19. Just look again in this preview window to see if the variant selected fits your data.
  20. You can choose from the "Rings" variant...
  21. ...the offset variant 1...
  22. ...and the offset variant 2.
  23. But for our purposes, we are just choosing the "Normal" pie chart setting. Just click on that option here.
  24. Once you're done choosing just click on "Next"
  25. Now, on this last step you can choose what types of information to display along with the chart.
  26. Usually you would want a title to accompany the chart. Just type in the title you want here.
  27. Great! Once you're done, click on "Create"
  28. Congratulations! You have inserted a Pie Chart!


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Insert a pie chart

This screencast demonstrates how to insert a You learn:

  • How to select
  • How to create a pie chart using the feature.
  • How to insert the pie chart to a worksheet.

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