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OpenOffice Tutorial: Subtract cells in a selected cell range

How-To: OpenOffice Tutorial: Subtract cells in a selected cell range
  1. It is possible to subtract cells from a selected cell range.
  2. To demonstrate this, first we will select a range of cells. Just click and hold the left mouse button on one of the cells we need selected.
  3. Then, while holding the button move your mouse through other cells to select a range.
  4. Afterwards, just release the mouse button. Good! We have selected a cell range.
  5. Now, to subtract cells from the selected range, first hold down the Control (Ctrl) key in the keyboard and then click the cell you want to subtract.
  6. Subtract more cells by holding both the control key and the left mouse button, and then moving the mouse through the cells that need to be subtracted.
  7. Afterwards, just release the left mouse button to stop subtracting cells. If you still want to subtract cells in another location however, keep holding the control key for now.
  8. Now, while still holding the control key, click and drag the mouse through another batch of cells that need to be subtracted. Release the mouse button once you've subtracted what you need.
  9. Good! You can also add or subtract whole rows or columns to the range. Do this by just clicking on the row labels and column headers here. REMEMBER that you still have to hold down the control key while doing this.
  10. Clicking on the row label or column header will add the whole row or column to the range...
  11. ...while clicking on them a second time will subtract them from the range.
  12. Take note, that cells gain a highlight once they are selected, and loose it when they are subtracted from the range.
  13. Great! Now we are ready to format our selected range. For this example we are just giving them a fill color by clicking on this button here...
  14. ...and then, on the window that opens, we just click on the fill color we want.
  15. Once, we deselect the cells, you should see that the effect only covers the cell range we selected earlier and the subtracted cells have not been changed.
  16. Congratulations! You have learned how to subtract cells from selected cell ranges.


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Subtract cells in a selected cell range

This screencast demonstrates how to subtract cells in a selected cell range. You learn:

  • How to select a
  • How to subtract individual cells in the selection range.
  • How to add and subtract whole rows and columns in the selection range.
  • How to format the selected cell range.

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