Conditions Indicating that you need to Repair or Replace Your Roof

The roof is probably the most important and the most complex part of any house. From the materials to the understructure, there is much that needs to go right for the roof to be functional, let alone aesthetically fantastic. Even after construction, the roof needs to be in tiptop shape to be able to protect those underneath from the elements, debris and other things that might make their lives miserable. After all, only Pharrell can claim that he is “happy like a room without a roof.”

Roofs aren’t made to last forever. Since the roof is the primary and first line of protection for the people living inside the house, constant upkeep is essential. It is also essential to know when maintenance isn’t enough and when it’s time to repair or replace your roof. So here are some signs that your roof needs to be repaired or replaced.

A sagging roof deck

Moisture eventually creeps into most everything, none more so than roofs that are built to keep off the rain. Try going outside and look up at your roof. Is there a place where the roof is not completely level with the rest? If there is, this could mean that moisture has damaged the roof deck and there are badly decomposing sections of the roof. This might not mean anything to the uninitiated but contractors will tell you that a decomposing roof has a risk for collapse. As said earlier, the roof is a complex structure and the slightest excess of strain in a particular section could bring the whole thing down. You will need to have the entire roof inspected and, depending on the extent of the damage, either repair it or have it replaced.

An old roof

This is one thing that most people overlook. Although roofs don’t last forever, they last for a long time, sometimes for as much as 100 years. During this time, a lot of people may have come and gone from the house, making it very hard to keep track of the roof’s “birthday”. This is just plain carelessness. You need to know when the roof was built so you can keep track of the year it’s supposed to be repaired or replaced. Old roofs may have missing shingles that are more likely to leak. Keeping it off for far too long could cost the homeowner money in terms of property and personal damage. Again, the extent of the damage will determine whether a repair or replacement is warranted.

Stains on the walls and ceiling

This could indicate that there is undetected leaking on the roof. Try poking at the stains. If it feels wet or spongy, then it is very probable that the cause is a leak or leaks. The roof needs a repair at this point but you need to have it inspected just to make sure it doesn’t need a replacement.

Increasing energy bills

One of the roof’s functions is to regulate the house’s temperature. If you notice that you’re using more energy for cooling and heating your house, then you will need to have a roof inspector check if it is roofing or just a ventilation problem.

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