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The grid in is a series of small, equally spaced vertical and horizontal points that can be seen (when enabled) over the of a document. and both have this option available when working with and The grid points are small enough to not hamper with working with a document, yet visible enough for you to use them.

The grid is used primarilly to objects within a For example, you can align images with its corresponding descriptive text block in Impress, or you can make a pattern of multiple images within a larger drawing or Draw document. You must enable the “snap to grid” option to automatically align objects to the grid. (See related below for information to enable this)

Unlike the grid can be more flexible since you can align objects diagonally or in other more custom patterns using the grid points. However, like the guides, they don't appear when the document they are in is printed.

Working with the Grid

The following screencasts demonstrate how to work with the Grid in Impress and Draw:™ is a registered trademark of Oracle.
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