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Line Spacing

Line spacing is the vertical distance between one line of text and the line above in a paragraph.

The line spacing by default is set to 1.0 or single line, referring to the standard space that lines are apart, as defined by the used. The font designer has usually defined a line space that is harmonious and legible. See for more details.

Other options for line space include:

  • 1.5 – This sets the line spacing to one and a half lines. This is often used for texts that are edited by hand, for example school essays.
  • 2.0 or Double – This sets the line spacing to double lines. This setting is usually used when the document you are working on will be commented upon, and the double lines give space for these comments. It is perfect for writing exercises or draft articles.
  • Proportional – This option gives you control over the line spacing via the proportion. You can enter a percentage value in the space provided where 100% refers to the default single line spacing.
  • At Least – This gives you control of the minimum line spacing you want to allow, while letting the maximum line spacing be defined by the present in the line. This is used when the document or paragraph you are making is made up of multiple font sizes.
  • Leading– This specifies the height of the vertical space that is inserted between two lines.
  • Fixed – This option lets you set the line spacing to a value that you can exactly specify in the field provided. You must use this option with caution though as this option disregards font sizes and may result in cropped characters if the character height is larger than the line spacing.

The horizontal spacing of characters is called kerning.

Setting Line-Spacing

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