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Nonprinting Character

Nonprinting are used to display information that is replaced by in the printing process.

Nonprinting characters are also referred to as non-printing characters.

List of nonprinting characters

Character Description
<space> Represents a space as word separation, produced by typing "Spacebar"
<nonbreaking space> Represents a nonbreaking space as word separation which is not separated by a line break , produced by typing "Ctrl+Spacebar"
Represents the end of a paragraph, produced by typing "Enter". See also
line break Represents the end of a line, produced by typing "Shift+Enter".
tabulator Represents an advance to the next position, produced by typing "Tab".

See also: , .

Displaying nonprinting characters

The following screencasts demonstrate how to view or hide nonprinting characters:™ is a registered trademark of Oracle.
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