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"Undo" is an that reverses the last input or executed. Undo can remove the last text input or the effects of the last action, such as delete, format move selection, etc.

More than one action can be reversed using the "undo" action. It works like drawing cards from a stack. However there is a limited number of "undo" actions that can be performed.

"Undo" can be accessed easily by pressing its shortcut "Ctrl+Z".

Certain actions, for example the "save" action, can't be reversed by the "undo" action.

The "undo" action can be reversed by using the .

Using "undo"

The following screencasts demonstrate how to use the undo-action is demonstrated in the following screencasts:

  • How to undo text input in Writer.
  • How to undo text formatting in Writer.

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