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OpenOffice Tutorial: Set the Auto Save/Recovery Interval

How-To: OpenOffice Tutorial: Set the Auto Save/Recovery Interval
  1. To set the time intervals for the automatic saving of files, first click on the "Tools" option here.
  2. Next, on the menu that drops down, click on "Options..."
  3. Once the options dialog window opens, look for the "Load/Save" option in the menu tree here and click on the "plus sign" beside it.
  4. Several other options should drop down. Click on "General."
  5. Notce that this part of the window changes, and the "general" options should appear.
  6. Look for the checkbox marked "Save AutoRecovery information every." Click on it once to start setting its time.
  7. You should see the "minutes" field here become available.
  8. Click on the up and down arrows here to increase or decrease the time interval for automatic saves.
  9. For this example we are going to keep the interval at the default 15 minutes.
  10. Afterwards, click on "OK."
  11. Great! We have set the automatic save or recovery interval to 15 minutes.


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Set the Auto Save/Recovery Interval

This screencast demonstrates how to set the auto save/recovery interval. You learn:


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