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OpenOffice Tutorial: Set memory options to improve application performance

How-To: OpenOffice Tutorial: Set memory options to improve application performance
  1. This screencast will teach you how to make OpenOffice applications perform faster and more effeciently.
  2. To do this, first open any OpenOffice application. In this example we have opened OpenOffice Writer.
  3. Next, click on "Tools"
  4. Now, on the menu that opens click on "Options..."
  5. The Options Dialogue window should open. Look for the memory options and click on it once.
  6. Now, to start our task we first look at the "Undo" options here. This number indicates the amount of undo steps that are usually saved as you do your work.
  7. If you are not experimenting with your work so much and don't use the undo feature often, you can lower this number to free up some memory.
  8. To do this, just click on the field and type in any value that is 50 and below, bearing in mind your needs.
  9. Great! We have set this to 50 steps.
  10. Next, you can increase the memory allotted for graphics to make displaying them faster.
  11. This is useful especially when you are working with graphics heavy documents in Impress and Draw.
  12. A good number to set here is about 10% of your system's memory. In this example we are changing it from 9 to 100MB.
  13. Good! We have now more memory for graphics.
  14. You can also set how much memory each object can use. Depending on the number of graphics in your documents you can set this higher for better performance.
  15. A good number would be somewhere as low as 5MB and as high as 20MB.
  16. Just click on the field and type in the value you want. We are setting it here to 5MB.
  17. Next, increase the number of objects that are supported by the Cache here. This should further improve performance.
  18. We recommend that you change this value to 20. Just click on the field and type it in.
  19. Lastly, if you use OpenOffice frequently it would be wise to enable the OpenOffice quickstarter when your PC starts up. This lets you access the various applications faster.
  20. Just click once in the checkbox to enable the quickstarter to load during start-up.
  21. Once you're finished, click on OK.
  22. Great! You have learned how to improve the performance of OpenOffice applications.


Show OpenOffice Tutorial: Set memory options to improve application performance

Set memory options to improve application performance

This screencast demonstrates how to set memory options to improve application performance. You learn:

  • How to find the Options Dialogue window.
  • How to access memory options.
  • How to adjust the number of steps to free up more memory.
  • How to adjust memory allotted for
  • How to enable the OpenOffice quick start feature.


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