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OpenOffice Tutorial: Change a button's position in the toolbar

How-To: OpenOffice Tutorial: Change a button's position in the toolbar
  1. It is possible to change the positions of the buttons here in the toolbar.
  2. In this example we want the "Export Directly to PDF" button to appear beside the...
  3. ..."Save" button located here.
  4. To do this, first click on the "View" option here.
  5. Then, on the menu that opens, move your mouse over the "Toolbars" option.
  6. The list of available toolbars should appear.
  7. Now, click on the "Customize..." option.
  8. The customize window should open. First, select the toolbar where the button you want to move is located. Click on this down arrow to view a list of toolbars.
  9. Once the list appears, just click on the name of the toolbar. Since the buttons we want to move are in the standard toolbar we are clicking here on "Standard"
  10. Afterwards, you should see the buttons of the toolbar appear here on this list.
  11. Just look for the button you want and click on it once to select it. In this example we are moving the "Export Directly to PDF" so we are clicking on its name.
  12. Now, you can move the button's position by clicking on these up and down arrows.
  13. Since, we want the button to be beside the save button we are clicking on the "Up" arrow to move its position in the toolbar.
  14. Great! As you can see we have moved the button beside the save button.
  15. Just press OK when you're done moving buttons.
  16. Great! The button has been moved. Take note that you can do this for all applications.
  17. Congratulations! You have learned how to change a toolbar button's position.


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Change a button's position in the toolbar

This screencast demonstrates how to change a button's position in the toolbar. You learn:

  • How to access the customize dialogue window.
  • How to change a button's position using the toolbar.


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