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Assistive Tools in supports some assistive technology tools like screen magnification software, screen readers, and on-screen keyboards. Most of these tools communicate with by means of the Java(TM) Access Bridge software, that uses the Java Accessibility API, a part of the Java runtime environment.

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Requirements to use assistive tools in

  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.4.1_01 and higher, or version 1.4.0_02 with the locale set to "en_us".

  • Most recent version of the software for your assistive tool

  • On Windows systems, Java Access Bridge software version 1.0.3 or higher

  • On UNIX(R) systems, the GNOME 2 desktop environment with the Java Access Bridge software for GNOME

Supported Assistive Tools

On Windows systems, directly supports most on-screen keyboard software. Additional support for assistive tools is provided by the Java Access Bridge software. The following is a list of some assistive tools that use the Java Access Bridge software to exchange data with

  • ZoomText Screen Magnifier (version 7.11 or higher)(Windows)

  • Gnopernicus Screen Reader and Magnifier, using GNOME Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface (at-spi) and Java Accessibility API software

  • GNOME On Screen Keyboard (GOK), using GNOME at-spi and Java Accessibility API software

Supported Input Devices provides the ability to use alternative input devices for access to all functions of

  • Screen magnification software allow users with low vision to work in with caret and focus tracking.

  • On-screen keyboards enable users to perform almost all data input and commands with a mouse.

  • Screen readers allow visually impaired users to access with text-to-speech and Braille displays.

When accessibility support in is enabled, the Java Runtime Environment is loaded, and increases the startup time for


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screen magnifiers


This help text for MS Windows , published from the Help files Release 2.1 under the Public Documentation License 1.0.