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OpenOffice Tutorial: Compatibility Options

How-To: OpenOffice Tutorial: Compatibility Options
  1. To enable or disable writer's compatability options, access the "Options Dialog" window by first clicking here on "Tools."
  2. Next, click here on "Options..."
  3. Afterwards, you will find a menu tree for accessing several options. You must click on "Compatibility" to open and see writer's compatibility options.
  4. Once open, just click on the checkboxes to enable/disable the available options.
  5. For example, check this if you want to use the metric system in measurement for document formatting.
  6. You can also check this to disable the leading space between lines of text which was the default prior to version 2.2 of Open Office.
  7. Also, enabling this option will give you more compatability with Word documents since this will enable the straighforward process of positioning objects used in Word rather than the iterative process for Writer.
  8. When you are done just click on OK.
  9. Great! You have learned how to enable/disable compatability options for Writer.


Show OpenOffice Tutorial: Compatibility Options

Enable/Disable Writer Compatibility Options

This screencast demonstrates how to enable (disable) compatibility options in Writer:

  • How to navigate to the Options dialog.
  • How to navigate to the Writer compatibility options

For compatibility with release 1.1:

  • Select the "Use 1.1 tabstop formatting" option.
  • Select the "Use 1.1 line spacing" option.
  • Select the "Use 1.1 object positioning" option.
  • Select the "Use 1.1 text wrapping around objects" option.

For compatibility with :

  • Select the "Use printer settings for document formatting" option.
  • Select the "Add spacing between paragraphs and tables" option.
  • Select the "Do not add leading (extra space) between lines of text" option.
  • Select the "Consider wrapping style when placing objects" option.

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