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OpenOffice Tutorial: Keep lines together.

How-To: OpenOffice Tutorial: Keep lines together.
  1. It is possible to prevent paragraphs from being split between pages. To do this, first you must select the paragraph.
  2. To select a paragraph, click and hold the left mouse button on any part of the paragraph, then move your mouse.
  3. Once a part of the paragraph is selected release the mouse button.
  4. Now, go here and click on "Format."
  5. Next, in the menu that appears click on "Paragraph..."
  6. The paragraph dialog window apprears.
  7. Look for the tab "Text Flow" and click on it once.
  8. In the text flow options area, click on the box "Do not split paragraph."
  9. Then just press OK.
  10. Great! The paragraph lines should now always be together.
  11. Congratulations! You have learned to set the text flow to not split paragraphs.


Show OpenOffice Tutorial: Keep lines together.

Keep lines together in a paragraph.

This screencast demonstrates how avoid splitting the a paragraph between two pages. You learn:

  • How to select a paragraph.
  • How to format the text flow to keep the lines together on one page.

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