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OpenOffice Tutorial: Avoid paragraph widows.

How-To: OpenOffice Tutorial: Avoid paragraph widows.
  1. Open Office Writer has a feature called "Widow Control."
  2. This control specifies the number of paragraph lines allowed at the start of a page after a page break.
  3. To illustrate this, first take note that this paragraph spans two pages. The first part is here with 5 lines.
  4. The second part is here at the start of the next page, and has only two lines. This is the "Widow."
  5. To adjust this paragraph's "Widow Controls" First select it by highlighting any text on the paragraph.
  6. Once selected click here on "Format."
  7. On the menu that opens click on "Paragraph..."
  8. On the "Text Flow" tab click here on the "Widow Control" checkbox.
  9. Directly across it, is a numbered field that indicates the minimum number of lines specified for widow control.
  10. You can increase/decrease this value just by clicking on these arrows.
  11. For our example we have changed the value to four lines.
  12. Once you're finished just press OK.
  13. Great! Notice that the paragraph has adjusted, and there are now four lines of text present here at the "widow" instead of the two lines before.
  14. Notice as well that there are now only three lines of text in the paragraph on the previous page.
  15. Congratulations! You have learned how to adjust paragraph widow controls.


Show OpenOffice Tutorial: Avoid paragraph widows.

Avoid widow paragraphs

This screencast demonstrates how to format a paragraph so that no are created at the beginning of a page. You learn:

  • How to select a paragraph.
  • How to format the paragraph for orphan control.

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